Drupal Drush snippets tool kit.

List of useful drush commands for day to day maintenance or development tasks, from Drupal core and other modules. With examples of usage.

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  • maintenance
  • dev
  • config
  • cache
  • export
  • settings
  • cache:clear - Clear a specific cache, or all Drupal caches.

    drush cc drush cache:clear drush cc bin drush cc render drush cc bin entity,bootstrap
  • cache:rebuild - Rebuild a Drupal 8 site.

    drush cr drush cache:rebuild
  • updatedb:status - List any pending database updates.

    drush updatedb:status drush updbst
  • version - Show Drush version.

    drush version
  • updatedb - Apply any database updates required.

    drush updatedb drush updb
  • directory - Return the filesystem path for modules/themes and other key folders.

    drush drupal:directory drush dd drush dd %module_name% drush dd files
  • runserver - Runs PHP's built-in http server for development.

    drush rs 8080 drush rs %IP%:80 drush rs [::1]:80 drush rs --dns localhost:8888/user drush rs / drush rs --default-server=
  • list - List available commands.

    drush list drush list --filter=dev
  • cache:get - Fetch a cached object and display it.

    drush cache:get %cid% %cache.bin.storage% drush cache:get hook_info bootstrap drush cache:get module_implements bootstrap drush cache:get block.block.bootstrap_content config drush cache:get route:[language]=en:/node/2: data
  • cache:set - Cache an object expressed in JSON or var_export() format.

    drush cache:set %cid% %bin% %expire% %tags%
  • config:status - Display status of configuration (differences between the filesystem configuration and database configuration).

    drush config:status drush config:status --state=Any
  • config:delete - Delete a configuration key, or a whole object.

    drush config:delete %name% drush config:delete system.site drush config:delete system.site page.front
  • config:edit - Open a config file in a text editor. Edits are imported after closing editor.

    drush config:edit image.style.large drush config:edit drush --bg config-edit image.style.large
  • config:export - Export Drupal configuration to a directory.

    drush config:export sudo drush config:export --destination /tmp
  • config:get - Display a config value, or a whole configuration object.

    drush config:get system.site drush config:get system.site page.front drush config:get system.site mail
  • config:set - Set config value directly. Does not perform a config import.

    drush config:set system.site page.front '/frontpage' drush config:set system.site mail 'new@email.com'
  • config:pull - Export and transfer config from one environment to another.

    drush config:pull @prod @stage drush config:pull @prod @self --label=vcs
  • config:import - Import config from a config directory.

    drush config:import
  • core:cron - Run all cron hooks in all active modules for specified site.

    drush core:cron drush cron
  • core:config - Edit drushrc, etc, site alias, and Drupal settings.php files.

    drush core:edit drush core:config etc drush core:config sett
  • core:init - Enrich the bash startup file with bash aliases and a smart command prompt.

    drush core:init
  • core:requirements - Information about things that may be wrong in your Drupal installation.

    drush core:requirements drush core:requirements --severity=1 drush status-report drush rq
  • core:status - An overview of the environment - Drush and Drupal.

    drush core-status drush status drush st
  • core:topic - Read detailed documentation on a given topic.

    drush topic drush core-topic
  • core:rsync - Rsync Drupal code or files to/from another server using ssh. @dev,@stage - need to be defined.

    drush rsync drush rsync @dev @stage drush rsync ./ @stage:%files/img
  • entity:delete - Delete content entities. Node, User, ...

    drush entity:delete node --bundle=page drush entity:delete node 22,24 drush entity:delete user
  • entity:updates - Apply pending entity schema updates.

    drush entity-updates
  • image:derive - Create an image derivative.

    drush image:derive thumbnail /tmp/test.png
  • image:flush - Flush all derived images for a given style.

    drush image:flush drush image:flush thumbnail,large drush image:flush --all
  • locale:check - Checks for available translation updates.

    drush locale:check drush locale-check
  • locale:import - Imports to a gettext translation file.

    drush locale-import %langcode% %file% drush locale-import nl drupal.po drush locale-import nl translation.po --type=custom --override=all
  • locale:update - Imports the available translation updates.

    drush locale-update
  • pathauto:aliases-delete - Delete URL aliases.

    drush pathauto:aliases-delete drush pathauto:aliases-delete canonical_entities:node drush pathauto:aliases-delete all drush pathauto:aliases-delete all --purge
  • pathauto:aliases-generate - (Re)generate URL aliases.

    drush pag drush pathauto:aliases-generate drush pathauto:aliases-generate all all drush pathauto:aliases-generate create canonical_entities:node
  • php:cli - Open an interactive shell on a Drupal site.

    drush php:cli drush php drush core-cli
  • php:eval - Evaluate arbitrary php code after bootstrapping Drupal (if available).

    drush php:eval 'echo drupal_get_user_timezone();' drush php:eval 'drupal_flush_all_caches();'
  • php:script - Run php a script after a full Drupal bootstrap.

    drush scr script.php drush scr script.php --script-path=/path/to/scripts
  • pm:enable - Enable one or more modules. (Module need to be downloaded first

    drush en ctools drush pm-enable devel,ctools
  • pm:uninstall - Uninstall one or more modules and their dependent modules.

    drush pmu ctools drush pm-uninstall devel,ctools
  • pm:list - Show a list of available extensions (modules and themes).

    drush pml drush pml --type theme drush pml --type module drush pml --type module --status Enabled
  • pm:security - Check Drupal Composer packages for pending security updates.

    drush pm:security drush pm:security --format csv